1. “What is my account number?”

  • Your account number is a 3-digit number we use when invoicing your jobs. If you don’t already know it, you can enter “???” in this box, and we’ll email it to you. If you use AutoFill when filling out the form, you should only need to enter it once. This is to assist with billing and getting your items back to you faster!

2. “How do I create a ReproConnect login?”

  • If you go to www.bdsvaplanroom.com and click the “Register for an account” link on the bottom-left of the page, you’ll be able to create an account there that can then be used to log in either at our Send A File page, or using the ReproConnect software shortcut on your desktop. Please note – you don’t have to do this to be able to submit jobs via ReproConnect; you can also simply fill out the form on our site, without having to have an account.

3. “What are your different types of binding?”

  • GBC: rectangular punched holes with a plastic comb spine. Our most common binding type for books; lays flat on a table. Perfect for out in the field!


  • Coil: round punched holes with a continuous spiral spine. Lays flat on a table; great for presentations.


  • Wire-O: square punched holes with a metal comb spine. Lays flat on a table; perfect for booklets that need that wow factor!


  • 3-ring binders: white plastic binders with sizes ranging from ½” to 5”.


  • Screw posts: 3-holes punched, and metal posts inserted and screwed closed. Great for large spec books – extender posts can build your book size larger and larger!


  • Tape binding: a glued plastic strip that wraps around the spine.


  • Saddle-stitch: a booklet with two staples at the spine. For these types of booklets to look correct, files sent to us must contain an individual page count number that is divisible by four.


  • Velo binding: two thin plastic strips held together with pins, the ends of which are melted to secure book into place.


  • Acco fastening: a metal prong that is placed in the top and bottom holes of a 3-hole punched book and closed with a metal slide. Our most economical binding type.   


  • Staple edge binding – paper strip covering left edge of drawing. Have your own custom strips? We can keep them in stock for you!


4. “What format can I submit files in?”

  • Our preferred format is PDF, but you can also submit JPEGS, InDesign files, PowerPoints, Illustrator files, Word documents and more. If we encounter issues with your original file type, we’ll work with you to get a version that works.

5. “What are your prices for pickup and delivery?”

  • Regular pickup and delivery within the Southside and Peninsula areas are free of charge. If we are delivering your job to another location, or if the job is delivery-only, pricing is dependent on distance. We can also ship your items via Fedex or UPS, and keep your shipping numbers on file for future use.

6. “Where can I give specific instructions about my job?”

  • If you scroll down at the right side of the form, a box labeled “Additional Instructions” will appear, where any information not already covered on the form can be added. You can also send us an email at digital@bdsva.com .

7. “What if I don’t have a company name, or if the job I’m sending is for me personally?”

  • You can type “Personal” or something similar into that field. If you usually work with us through a company, let us know! We always like knowing how our customers hear about us, and if needed, we can coordinate a delivery to your usual place of business.

We are Located at:

887 Norfolk Square
Norfolk, VA 23502
Phone: 757-390-2755
Fax: 757-390-4439
Email: digital@bdsva.com