3D Printing Services


3D Printing is Now                      Available for Everyone.

The 3D printer can create a Real Image of a design you make. So if you are an Architect , Engineer, Designer or have an idea for a new product a 3D print can prove helpful. In fact it is similar to clicking on the print button on a computer screen and sending a digital file, say a letter, to an inkjet printer. The difference is that the “ink” in a 3D printer is a material which is deposited in successive, thin layers until a solid object emerges. For more information give us a call or stop by to see our Printers in action.


Check It Out!

To the right is a short video that demonstrates how models are printed on our 3D printers. The model is being printed with 2 Colors on our MakerBot Replicator 2X.  The video has been sped up so that you can see the results quickly. Actual print speed is much slower.